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Discover The art of Exploring Bali
Over the past 7 years, we assisted millions traveler to plan and book their traveling need for their adventeges before or while they are in Bali.
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Marine activities
Bali is part of the Coral Triangle (area with the highest biodiversity of marine species), the island is surrounded by coral reefs.

Marine activities
Bali is part of the Coral Triangle (area with the highest biodiversity of marine species), the island is surrounded by coral reefs.

Get up close and personal with these incredible animals in Bali. All Safari products are provided by professional operators.

Day Tours
Enjoy the beauty of nature, culture, and uniqueness of Bali with a professional and friendly tour guide.


We review every spa in Bali with presents several recommendation options menu which will make it easier.



Car charterPrivate Driver and Car Charter

Bali as one of Indonesia's island has been known by the world as the paradise island in Southeast Asia. The island is blessed by the god with amazing nature, diverse culture and friendly people, those all that make Bali is very unique and become most favorite holiday destination which is provides many exiting nature and culture to be explored.

We offers the best way to explore the island by using our private driver service that will escort you to the various point of interest in the island.  You can also use our tour guide service to enjoy your holiday completely, our tour guide will give the information you need and provide the best service for you to get the real satisfaction along your journey in Bali.

See Private driver service page for more detail.

Car charterKecak dance and Dinner Tour

Watching Kecak dance in the top of Uluwatu temple is the best way to complete your experience in Bali island, before the kecak starts you will be able to explore Uluwatu temple and enjoy the amazing panorama of Indian Ocean from the top of the hill.

The kecak dance will be perform on the top of the Temple while the sun set on the western horizon, Kecak Fire Dance is Balinese music drama, originated in the 1930s and is performed primarily by men. The dance will be performed for about 1 to 1,5 hours duration. once the dance  is over, you will be guided to have a lunch in Jimbaran Beach, here you can enjoy various seafood grill menu and have a dinner set in open air beach restaurant. Your journey will be supported by our professional tour guide and friendly car driver that will accompany you along the tour.

See Kecak dance and dinner tour page for more detail.

Favorite Products

marine walk

Bali Marine Walk
Marine explorer package @ Nusa Lembongan
Adult : US$115 » US$89

water sport

Tanjung Benoa Marine Sports
Marine E Package + Lunch and transfer
Special offer : IDR 650 k

bakas levi rafting

Bakas Levi Rafting
Rafting @ Melangit river allin package
Adult : US$65 » US$39

bali international rafting

Bali International Rafting
Rafting @ Telagawaja river all in package
Adult : US$77 » US$39

Bali Hai

Bali Hai Beach club cruise
Beach club cruise package to Nusa Lembongan
Adult : US$105 » US$95

Bounty Cruise

Bounty Day Cruise
Day Cruise package to Nusa Lembongan
Adult : US$115 » US$99

Bakas Elephant Safari

Bakas Elephant Safari
30 minutes elephant ride
Adult : US$67 » US$59

Bali Safari

Bali Safari and Marine Park
Jungle hopper package
Adult : US$55 » US$49

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